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Become a vendor at our market! 

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What Kind Of Vendors Sell At Our Market?

We are a certified farmers' market. All certified items must be approved by the Department of Agriculture. All food vendors are under Temporary Event Permits from San Joaquin County.

Image by Bettina Kunz

Dairy Products

Cheese, Milk, Ice Cream

We currently have a soy milk vendor

Fish Stall


Fish, Crabs, and Other Seafood

Fast Food Truck

Food Trucks

Our resident food truck Nancy's Chinese American Food has been with us for over 25 years!

Preserved Vegetables

Cold Foods

Packaged/jarred foods such as jams and salsa, Bottled Drinks, and Bakery Items 

Vegetable Stand

Certified Produce & Certified Agriculture Products

Fruits, Vegetables, Fresh Eggs, Meat, Organic Honey, and Specialty Products certified by the Department of Agriculture 

Street Food

Hot Foods

Made and served at the market: Hot Drinks, Barbeque Food, Fried or Boiled Foods 

Frequently Asked Questions

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